100% pure wheat straws. Durable alternative straws. CSR!

Our wheat straws

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Did you know that every day, around the world, we use more than half a billion plastic straws? By 2050, there will probably be more plastic than fish swimming in our oceans…


All that needs
to change!

That’s why our HAY! Straws are made of 100% natural materials. Our cocktail straws and normal straws are made of 100% wheat. Once harvested, we cut the grains into sustainable wheat straws. The milkshake straws are made of 100% natural materials as well. That sips well!

Of course I do. Gluten-free


Our sustainable wheat straws are made of wheat and nothing else. But wait a minute. Doesn’t wheat contain gluten? Yes, it usually does. But our straws don’t.They fit seamlessly into a gluten-free diet! The straws can also be used safely in case of gluten intolerance.

Hand-selected wheat

Handselected wheat

Our wheat is harvested by hand and only the best grains are exclusively hand-selected for HAY! Straws. The result is a premium wheat straw characterised by the very highest quality standard. 

100% biobased

Our sustainable straws are all 100% natural or biobased. We like to underline this with facts. Recently the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has fully recognised the natural origin of our straws and awarded us the label 100% biobased!

100% compostable


HAY! Straws are 100% natural and compostable. After use, simply throw these sustainable straws with the vegetable, fruit and garden waste (GFT). Because plastic waste is so 2018. We'd rather break it down biologically. Long live compost!

Food safety


Food safety is a must. That is why we only use non-genetically modified crops and raw materials for our sustainable straws. Our straws are not only GMO-free, but are also produced on the basis of the FDA Food Contact Safety Guidelines in our own factory. By means of barcodes on our products, we keep a close eye on the 'lifecycle' of each straw. In this way, we know exactly which crop and which farmer the raw materials come from for each shipment. Because this way we have insight into the entire chain - from seed to straw - we can continue to guarantee these high safety standards.

StrawZ supports small farmers

Small farmer support

We prefer to buy our wheat from small farmers. We like to give them the opportunity to benefit from sustainable wheat production. The less residual waste, the better. We have a sustainable straw, they provide a fair financial compensation. Win-win! 


Our straws do not contain any glyphosate (RoundUp). To ensure the safety of our straws, they are continuously tested in batches for more than 500 chemical residues. All these tests show that our straws meet all food safety standards.

Minimal processing

Minimal processed

In contrast to paper straws that are pulped with chemicals, they are HAY! Straws pure nature. After harvesting, the wheat is cut to length and then rinsed three times thoroughly in sterile water to remove dirt and bacteria. Chemicals are NEVER added. The result is a durable straw.

Eco-packaging and FSC® paper

Eco packaged

Our wheat straws are packed in unbleached kraft boxes with soy-based inks. All our communication materials are printed on sustainable recycled and FSC®-certified paper. Of course we deliver our straws in a plastic-free packaging. You know it makes sense! #ditchplastic


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